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By choosing us to supply your lodge you instantly become a part of our unique social media exposure offering. We showcase lodges that have had any refurbishments or news in the past month and expose you to a leading database of industry experts who are one of the key players in getting clients to your establishment. Apart from this updates to Twitter and our Facebook page showcasing your lodge is something we do daily as well, giving you exposure without having to lift a finger.

Social media is an integral part of your marketing in this day and age.

“For companies looking to preserve or improve their rankings, social marketing activities will no longer be optional – they will be a necessary element of traffic driving success.” “51% of travel brands cited an increase in traffic from Facebook. Social networks are the 2nd most influential source of online traffic for travel suppliers .” – Skrift Travel website

Site visits can also be arranged to have professional photography done, which is always exciting for potential clients to see and interact with.

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